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Behind every 1million views

1million hits

1 million likes

1 million shares

1 million smiles or tears

is one great production group.

Somewhere a producer painstakingly briefs a production shop

An executive producer is pencil pushing budgets. Lowering it. A few more hundreds.

Cancel the food. Cancel the portalets. Cancel the transpo. Cancel the shoot?

A director is forcing 30 shots in one looooong day. And night. And day again.

A caster is promising future projects to some so-so talents who are asking for the heavens.

A PD is asked to just put green cloths everywhere.

An assistant director is asked to lower his fee for the sake of “art”.

A soundtrack composer is just told to look for a decent network music.

And the crew? Cut them in half. In a fourth.

A photographer waiting for his turn to do still shoots sees himself replaced by an amateur using his Fuji X-A10.

But the product ends up great.

Everyone is great.

But does the world know that?

It’s about time it does.

You cannot be silent anymore. You can no longer wait and be behind the scenes.

Not when you need to survive just like any of us in this industry.

With internet penetration in Southeast Asia going up, digital is definitely here to stay and become more aggressive this year. The global average in growth is 50% and the Philippines is up by 58%.

More and more, we will have to move our focus from TV screens to mobile phones. Last year we saw the domination of social videos. The next evolution is to combine the emotional power of social video with the scale and reach of social advertising.  Actually, we’re witnessing this right now.

How does this affect all of us?

Well, it seems everyone in the marketing world wants to dip their fingers into the pot. Everyone wants to be the experts —the marketers, the ideators, and the makers.

Clients have started their very own studios. They’ve hired their own in-house directors and editors. They are creating content from storylines to finished films. Trying to be experts, trying to escape costs.

Agencies too have started desperately to ride with this change. They have started creating their own studios for social content and films.

Somehow, this is what happens when the pie is becoming smaller and smaller.

Everyone starts to struggle where to get their next source of revenue. To survive, they have to grab whatever they can.

But should this stop you? No.

Your theme “strengthening the core” is truly appropriate.

Training is your best friend. Try to understand the changes around you.

When our execom had the chance to visit top Silicon Valley headquarters last Jan,

It has truly opened our eyes to learnings that are so different from what we’ve read or seen online. We experienced it. Training today has taken different forms.

Understand the moves of this animal called digital.

Invest in the best young talents or the best new skills around you.

Study global standards. Did they bring it down for mobile resolution?

Have a say in the length? In the music, In the lighting.

If indeed this is your expertise, then truly be the experts.

Don’t let a Brand Manager or a Creative Director take it away.

Make sure you continue to adapt, to change to stay relevant.

You can get into collaborations or partnerships.

Change the set-ups, processes or even the business model.

Create new titles and roles.

But one thing’s for sure. Never abandon your core strengths.

And that is production value.

It is your production mastery. Your experiences. Your knowledge. Your skills. Your value.

No one nor entity can replace that.

To end, “Mahirap talaga kumita ng pera”.

I myself can relate to that.

I truly believe though that for as long as you’re doing great work, enjoying what you love, and growing yourself as a person, you will somehow survive.

And, if you aim higher. To be the best in our industry.

In our country and in the world…you can never be invisible.